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Vit E Mouth Spray For Glowing Skin, Hair & Nails

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Nutrispray’s Vitamin E is a spray based, easy and 100% vegetarian supplement which has  

  • A delectable citrusy taste of Lemon
  • Highest quality Vitamin E extract
  • No oily taste
  • Citrusy taste
  • Delectable supplement of vitamin E
  • High Absorption through sublingual route
  • Easy to digest as compared to pills

Vit E Mouth Spray

1)Active Body : Reduces Fatigue & Markers Of Oxidative Stress
2)Better Heart Health : Reduces Heart Disease Risk Factors
3)Glowing Skin : Improves Skin Health
4)Better Concentration : Improves Cognitive & Mental Health
5. Complete Solution : For Healthy Hair & Nails
6. Lungs Health : Improves Lung Function
7. Improves Eyesight : Benefits Eye Health

Direction For Use

How to use: Shake the spray bottle well. Spray the recommended dose under the tongue and close your mouth.
*Note: Hold for 20 seconds before you swallow for best results
Adult: 2 sprays twice daily
As directed by physician

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per Serving (Approximate Value)
Energy 2.83 Kcal
Total Sugar 0.72 gm
Carbohydrates 0.73 gm
Proteins 0.00 gm
Fats 0.0005 gm
Fats & its derivatives 0gm

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