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Nutrispray Iron (Pack of 3)

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Nutrispray’s Iron is a spray based, delectable, easy and 100% vegetarian supplement for

  • Fighting Iron Deficiency Anaemiaz
  • Promoting Red Blood Cell formation
  • Preventing Tiredness And Fatigue
  • Improving Immunity and Cognitive Function

Iron Spray:

Treats Anaemia
For Anemia Iron &Deficiency

Against tiredness& fatigue

Brain Function
Supports cognitive &function

Blood Cells
Contributes to normalblood cell formation

Supports immune&health

Direction For Use

How to use: Shake the spray bottle well. Spray the recommended dose under the tongue and close your mouth.

*Note: Hold for 20 seconds before you swallow for best results

Adult: 3 sprays Twice daily
Children: 3 sprays daily
As directed by physician

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per Serving (Approximate Value)

Nutrients 1.5 Ml %RDA
Energy 1.29 Kcal ---
Carbohydrates 0.37 mg ---
Proteins 0.00 mg ---
Fats 0.00 mg ---
Iron​ 17.00 mg 100%

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