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4 deliciously easy & tasty puffs of nutrition


Phiss Phiss Karo
Chik Chik Nahi.

We are making you a promise. A promise to make nutrition fun, easy, smart, hassle-free, effective, quick absorbing, tasty…… the list of promises is too long. But we have surely created mouth sprays that fulfill them all.

Wellness That’s Cool, Nutrition That’s Wholesome.

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4 Easy Peppermint-Flavoured Puffs For Happy Bones.

Let your bones feel happy and your muscles feel healthy with 4 easy puffs of tasty peppermint-flavoured Nutrispray D3+K2.


Activate Your Inner Skin Shield With Glutathione.

Redefine your skincare routine with 4 easy puffs of Nutrispray Glutathione that makes your skin glow from within with a tasty orange flavour.

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-Shveta Singh

Ohhh I just so happy with my decision...Product is so good Love the packaging.


This is the best oral spray and it is very useful for those who want good skin benefits. it Reduces acne. Must buy this spray guys. It's really best in quality and price.


I am using this product for the past 2 months. I can see the difference on my face. I no longer have dark circles and my face looks more clear. Thank you nutrispray. Re

Nutrispray’s Corner of Joy!

Every purchase at Nutrispray contributes towards educating children from low-income families. At Nutrispray,2% OF OUR SALES ARE DONATED to provide primary education to children who need it the most.

More than 90% of Nutrispray employees are women from underprivileged areas in Marathwada, Maharashtra. We upskill them with technology & manufacturing skills. Giving women the tools to shape their future has an incredible multiplier effect on communities.